A danish game coaching organization

Gaming - The Right Way

Game-Right is a company owned by one of our community members Kristian "Caprigenus" Ricken, who was in need of a simple company website, including some profile of the company as well as a news and event section. 

We decided to make it as part of one of our developers education. And the end result gave the developer a solid grade of A. 

What is Game-Right is about educating and teaching gamers, the right way to game. They do this my exchanging information about gaming and Esport in general to kids, young adults, parents, schools, institutions, etc. To create awareness and enlightenment about gaming.

Game-Right teaches that gaming should be a part of the gamers day-to-day life, without it sacrifing family time, the gamers education and so on. 

The inspiration behind the project

Kristian has for a long time been wanting to combine his passion for gaming with his work with young adults and kids, which lead him to taking courses and work that would turn him in that direction. 16th of May he took the course to becoming a professional game coach where they had a lecture about "Healthy Gaming". At this lecture he met Sebastian Michaelsen from Youth West in Odense, Denmark, which put focus on a healthy diet, exercise, education, family and gaming as a whole. This gave Kristian the last piece that ha needed to get going with his project.